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I am a Product Designer by day, but I am also a portraiture painter, wine and brunch lover, avid traveler, best friend, and new aunt ✨

I am currently a Senior Experience Designer for High Alpha Innovation. I love chatting all things design, so feel free to reach out!

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My Design Philosophy

All problems have a core that we constantly seek and reveal over time. Solving problems at their core is always ideal, but the true challenge is working backwards and out of order. At times, the journey to solving a problem inevitably leads to dead ends and less often to wins. We should ask ourselves, "What is the next best action with all that we know today?" However, we should enjoy the journey along the way!


As the only designer, I started a DesignOp initiative focused on building assets for design team scalability

Lessonly saw a market for better skills management on sale and customer service teams, so we build a new app!

After Lessonly's acquisition, we needed a vision for how to rebuild the Skills, Lessonly, and Seismic apps into one

After observing Account Executives in action, we learned that the flagship feature needed to solve new problems 

Coming Soon!

Grading System Features

The grading process within the LMS needed a foundational change and added features

Internal account managers need one place to manage open leads, day-to-day tasks, and more

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