Well Hello 👋🏾
I'm a Senior Experience Designer!
I have over 7 years of experience and education in solving complex problems through designing digital products. I'm currently a Senior Experience Designer for High Alpha Innovation + I take on contract work ✨
I love chatting all things design, so feel free to reach out!

My Design Philosophy

You’re not solving a problem if you’re not acknowledging the core. Most problems are systematic and a result of broken foundations. It's unlikely for us to completely or at all change core elements of a problem, but we can always begin to carve away at it. If we don't, then it’s actually an exploitative measure disguised as a solution, which is contrary to true user-friendliness. A “better experience,” whether that is a product or a service, requires better systems and even more solid foundations. Let's start there! 

Case Studies


We began a DesignOp initiative focused on building assets for design team scalability, consistency, and education.

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Integrating Apps

After Lessonly's acquisition, we needed a vision for how to rebuild the Skills, Lessonly, and Seismic apps into one.

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Skills App

Lessonly saw a market for better skills management on sale and customer service teams, so we build a new app!

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Sprint Week Concept Design

Selection of MVPs for companies designed in collaboration with large-scale organizations.


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Capital One Ventures: New Product Opportunities

We are currently solving big problems in the financial space 💸 more to come!

Upcoming June 2024