About Me
My Experience
I have over 7 years of experience and education in solving complex problems through designing digital products. My experience spans across multiple industry needs, such as net new features, fast-scaling customer bases, and anything from Concept, MVP, and Enterprise solutions.
Current Position
I am a Senior Experience Designer for High Alpha Innovation, which is a Venture Capital firm that partners with large-scale corporations to create advantaged startups. My current role consists of:
  • Working with a team of talented analysts to seek out opportunities for solving high-value problems. I bring balance through advocating for the current needs and desires of the end-user rather than focusing on how a solution can make the corporations money.
  • Ideating, journey mapping, and prototyping the MVP of a concept that can be pitched to possible investors. This has sharpened my skills in thinking big picture about how a solution can impact a user group or an entire system rather than thinking through super specific use cases like I have in past positions.
  • Co-creating a thoughtful design process that can serve as a playbook for how we can best collaborate with partners.
Career Goals
The next goal in my career journey is to move into Product Design Management and serve as a mentor and trusted partner with a team of designers. Also, I desire to help lead the efforts to create strong design processes and standards for an organization, therefore I am always looking for opportunities to lead by example, share my experiences, and to most importantly learn something new everyday!

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